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When frustrating highway incidents happen (to the best of us) and we are placed into the demeaning predicament of calling for a tow truck to remove our truck, auto, van or motorcycle, the worse sound to receive is a busy signal, and the second worse is a "no". Towing Point Loma has a wide client base of satisfied customers that we earned by always saying yes to requests. If you have a vehicle, no matter its location or condition, we can retrieve it for you and at a flat rate, no surprises cost that we quote to you in your phone call.

Customer Service Brings Repeat Customers

Most of our clients are repeat customers, which is a business builder of its own. Our customer service is unmatched in the entire Point Loma area. Our employees are insured, expert tow drivers who also are your local neighbors. All personnel are courteous, well trained and operate excellent and well maintained vehicles and towing accessories.

Enter Our Number in IPHONE

Our local personnel are familiar with all of the local addresses, streets and roadways. We strongly advise our customers or prospective customers enter our phone number (619) 431-3818 under Emergencies and Towing on the family Roladex and your IPHONE so that our number is at your fingertips 24/7, which are our hours of operation!

(619) 431-3818

Customer Service Brings Repeat Customers

Towing needs do not pick a season and are not just for traffic accident service, although we do excel at times of crisis. Sometimes you need to make arrangements to have an abandoned or undrivable vehicle removed as a safety measure. There may be a rusty old clunker sitting in your back yard as a neighborhood embarrassment. Parking on a California soft shoulder can result in your prized vehicle slip-sliding into a precarious position requiring our services to tow back onto the roadway without damage. All of the foregoing are common towing necessities that can arise unexpectedly, and are many sensitive ones that happen with premeditation:

  • Divorce Settlement
  • Relationship Breakup
  • Loss of Driving Privileges
  • Trade or Barter
Car Hobbyists, Shade Tree Mechanics Know Our Skills

Whenever a high end car hobbyist and the local shade tree mechanic have cars find they refuse to refuse, they always realize our company gives the highest level of service at the most affordable price, no matter where they made their classic purchase or junker find. Moreover, our operators are skilled in retrieval of valued vehicles without any further damage or degradation.

Civic Minded Local Business

The neighborhoods of Point Loma recognize our company as a valued asset to the area. We contribute not only to the public safety but to the community causes that better the lives of everyone here. Enter our phone number today so you won't regret a delay: (619) 431-3818. We are remarkable First Responders ready to serve you.